100% Wheat


The Haciendas Company recovers the essence of Columbus' voyage by making a special Gin ideal for pairing with the species he found in the New World. Guaranteed production with 100% wheat.

Its composition is completely natural, which gives Coolumbus Gin aromas of the highest quality and a lot of personality.

40% / 70 cl.

Our master distiller recommends tasting it in a glass with cinnamon or strawberries and tonic.


Columbus is a craft gin developed from a 100 % wheat alcohol of the highest quality, rectified with all the botanicals and fruits in a 100% copper still.

Its composition is totally natural, which gives Columbus Gin aromas of the highest quality and with a lot of personality.



Columbus has a blend of natural strawberries and raspberries giving a smooth and fresh blend both in aroma and on the palate.

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