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Wine Barrel Muscat


Allowing traditional ageing rules applied to premium Reserva wines, this Vieux Rhum is aged in French and American oak barrels that have been used for the “crianza” of Reserva wines from Hacienda Zorita in Spain´s Duero Valley.

ST. Kitts & Nevis, West Indies, from the Caribbean to the Douro Valley.



The Haciendas Rhum Company uses premium quality molasses. It is a triple aged rum.

The first begins in the British Caribbean for 6 years, followed by 2 to 4 years in wine oaks in Ribera del Duero and finished for 6 months in Moscatel barrels in Montilla.


Ideal to drink alone or with ice.



It is a pleasant rum with a soft finish due to the notes of raisins, vanilla, cocoa, coconut and hazelnut that can be seen when tasting the product.

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