100% Wheat


The Haciendas Company recovers the essence of Columbus' voyage by making a special Gin ideal for pairing with the species he found in the New World. Guaranteed production with 100% wheat.

Its composition is completely natural, which gives Coolumbus Gin aromas of the highest quality and a lot of personality.

40% / 70 cl.

Our master distiller recommends tasting it in a glass with pepper or orange peel and tonic.


Coolumbus Gin is an artisan gin developed from 100% % wheat alcohol of the highest quality, verified with all the botanicals and fruits in 100% % copper still.



Columbus has a citrus mix of fruits, being the lemon, bitter orange and Buddha's hand the ones that stand out both in aroma and on the palate.

All of this is complemented by floral aromas and flavours, nuts, slightly spices, with a clean finish, but persistent on the palate, due to the quality of its composition.

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